Update Your Business, Update Your Life!
Consulting and training company

Upend is a young, operative and dynamic provider of new ideas for management consulting!

We want to turn the conventional strategy consulting into a concrete and real day-by-day management tool to always provide our clients with a professional and reliable service.
Upend, Update Your Business updates and betters the world of the client by completely changing the old concept of consultancy.

Upend consultants expertise will always be at your service whenever you need it.
They will always be available, on time, precise and in the field!

By updating our clients’ business we dream to change the conventional concept of strategy consulting, making it operational!

In order to better the life of business people, from entrepreneurs, to manager and to all the employees, it is important to change the company’s processes, procedures and attitude.
Management consulting should perfectly merge with our client’s human resources and with a coaching approach that has to be concrete and useful for everyone, from the top to the lower levels of management.
We believe that the core value of a company are its people. Starting from the personnel management, consulting can become an important operational tool for everyday problem solving.

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We offer our clients many management consulting services and a constant training and professional updating.

Our services are characterized by a strong operational and proactive component in order to maximize the results expected by our clients.

Currently we are operating national-wide but we aim and dream to become an international management consulting services provider.


  • Planning Systems and Management Control
  • Business Plans Wording and Investment Decisions Supporting Purchasing Decisions and Cost Optimization Consulting
  • Management Control (Cost/Responsibility Center)
  • Business Processes Re-engineering
  • Auditing Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources Management & Report on HR
  • Organizational Plans
  • Workload Analysis
  • Coaching Plans


Customized coaching for any client

Internal coaching providers and external highly experienced professionals for specialized training activities

Selectable themes without any restrictions

  • Business Management
  • Communication
  • IT & Softwares



  • Front-Office Management Analysis
  • Corporate Environment Analysis
  • Fan-Page Facebook & Management of main Social-Networks Accounts
  • Services for Demateralization and Storage of paper documents
  • Outsourcing


  • We cooperate with other local companies to broaden our business offer.


GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER AND SHARING IDEAS: discover the team Upend or send us your application to become our partner.

Matteo Figini

Professionista, Consulente di Management, Socio Qualificato APCO n. 20160035, disciplinato dalla legge n. 4/2013
Iscritto al n.500 dell’Elenco Nazionale OIV

“Aggiorna il tuo business per aggiornare la tua vita: non è uno slogan, è ciò in cui credo davvero!”

Il Team di Upend: operativo, giovane e dinamico così come la nostra impresa!
Trasformare il concetto di consulenza strategica declinato nella nostra Vision è possibile solo avvalendosi di collaboratori che facciano dell’efficacia operativa e della dinamicità professionale i due punti cardine del proprio operato; il tutto “condito” in un ambiente giovane, non solo anagraficamente, ma, anche e soprattutto, in termini di idee ed approcci consulenziali e formativi di assoluto livello.

Upend può contare su risorse con decennali esperienze in importanti realtà pubbliche e private nel Nord-Italia, manager di importanti realtà consulenziali ed industriali, giovani neolaureati in economia.
In modo particolare il team offre ai propri clienti:

  • Psicologi, esperti in organizzazione del lavoro e docenti.
  • Ingegneri informatici, di supporto alla docenza.
  • Giuristi ed avvocati, di supporto esterno sia in ambito Human Resources sia in ambito regolamentare, di diritto amministrativo e contrattualistica commerciale.
  • Brillanti “comunicatori”, attivi nelle strategie di marketing.
  • Collaboratori neolaureati, staff per la progettazione dei corsi di formazione di area aziendale e con funzioni di back-office nella gestione delle commesse del ramo consulting.

Are you a Corporate strategy consultant?
If you are under 30, you have a degree in Economics or Industrial engineering, you are a dynamic and communicative person and you have strong skills in organizing independently your work…
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Are you a Coaching provider?
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